Time to Spring Through

Core New Art Space | 6501 West Colfax Ave, Suite C Lakewood, CO

This pendulum clock was created for CORE New Art Space for the “Spring Break” Show. This was how I interpreted Spring Break. It is a time in the year when nature and ideas seem to be busting at the seems. Time seems to be both speeding up and slowing down at the same time. And the earth starts to show paths that may have been hidden under snow. The springs were extracted from old pens rom humoring neighbors I can only imagine that I peaked their curiosity with a “I need pen springs” post on Nextdoor.

You can see this piece in person at CORE New Art Space 6851 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80214 from May 13th to May 29th. It has not found a new home yet…so if you feel that this belongs in your home, please reach out to me!

This was my second art piece that got accepted into an art gallery, and so happy to have participated in the show! Funny little backstory on this piece is that it had a near catastrophe! It was on a pedestal in front of a window and one night that window was unfortunately broken. Somehow, this little clock survived!

I am excited to build off of this idea prompted by CORE Next Art Gallery and make clocks that reflect all the other Seasons! So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Time will tell what other clocks emerge!

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