Octavepus’s Garden: ArtiStandza

Augustana Arts | ArtiStandza Project | Location TBD

This public art initiative is to help create awareness, appreciation and advocacy to the arts in the community! It will be one of six music stands that will be auctioned off in August, and in the meantime will be hanging out around different locations in Denver Metro Area. The location of this stand is still TBD, but be sure to check out the Artistandza website and be sure to see them all in person!

The octopus was made of music sheets, newspaper, shop towels and masking tape. The tentacles were made out of wire and tinfoil. It was paper mached then painted in the teal and gold you see now. The music stand was also paper mached with donated music sheets (thanks Karen!) The little Garden additions on the stand are craft moss and penny tubes paper mached with sheet music. I also hid little gems in some of the “coral reef”. I also used some old egg carton pods to create the little upside down barnacles and painted them orange.

On the stand face, I also used donated music sheets to create a treasure map….a map of Musical Treasure Island to be exact. The edges were burned and the sheet music was painted with brown water paint to create an worn feel. The Islands were then painted with acrylic paint & micron pen. Some of the locations include…TorTuba, Bugle Bay and String Streams. A curious little starfish made of music sheets has made it way to the map as well.

By participating in the ArtiStandz Project, I was able to explore my own creative curiosities that were both buried and in plain sight. This is what I hope to evoke in others that view this piece! While painting each winding tentacle, I remembered getting lost in the ocean of music while playing in orchestras as young girl. How music and the arts where such an impactful & important part of my life. I picked up a violin and played, unlocking a wave of creativity and memories that were laying dormant. And that’s the the funny thing about getting lost in art…whether you’re the observer or the maker…it often leads you exactly to the treasure your looking for.

Thanks for checking this little Octopus out! Be sure to check out Augustana’s ArtiStandza page to place your bid if you are interested! More information coming soon!

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