NOOBA – Non-Objective Abstract Art – Pulmonochii, AXY, Behold – Lexi Richey

Leave your πŸ”objectiveπŸ”Ž perspective at the door πŸšͺ

NOOBAA 2022 3 Square Art Gallery

These three Non-Objective Abstract Art pieces by Lexi Richey (hey, that’s me!) will be hung at 3 Square Art Gallery in Fort Collins September 16th through October 3rd, 2022

AXY, Behold & Pulmonochii Art
by Lexi Richey

Still pinching 🀏 myself knowing that the art I create gets to hang in galleries. I’m still in denial. Seeing my name amongst the other artist chosen for this exhibit makes me smile from ear to ear!

Lexi Richey visits 3 Square Art Gallery

While dropping off the art pieces, I got a quick tour from Jim Benest of the space and it is so cool!! I mean, they had a T-rex They were also in the middle of some space upgrades and expansions that will really allow for so much more art to be displayed. They have some amazing studios available as well that are an artist dream! If I ever move to Fort Collins, I’m snagging one of those for sure.

– Pulmonochii – Lexi Richey-
– 3 Square Art Gallery –

If you are looking for a great date night and want to see some awesome local art by Colorado Artists, be sure to stop by 3 Square Art Gallery in Fort Collins!

– Behold – Lexi Richey-
– 3 Square Art Gallery –

These three pieces are made of wet felted wool. I created these art pieces as a way of playing with color and letting the wool speak for itself. Using some of thebleft over wool from other projects, I was able to give purpose to the wool that may have otherwise been thrown away.

– AXY – Lexi Richey-
– 3 Square Art Gallery –

I was in a bit of a rut with creating needle felted animals and small figures… I wanted to change up the pace a bit and rather then tightly knitting the wool with a needle I just let it roll between my hands. And out came AXY, Behold & Pulmonochii! I’ll be intrigued to hear what people think the art looks like or reminds them of. Especially curious to hear what Lisa Hatchadoorian, Executive Director, MOA Museum of Art Fort Collins has to say πŸ€” 😁

Cheese πŸ§€ Artsy Fartsy Look

Show: NOOBA-4th Annual International Juried Art Show Gallery: 3 Square Art Gallery
Title(s): Pulmonochii, AXY, Behold
Medium: Fibre Art – Wet Felted Wool
Size: 12″ X 15″
Artist: Lexi Richey
For purchase through 3 Square Art Gallery πŸ–Ό

Thank you Kumiko S. McKee & Craig McKee to all those that have helped put this show together! So excited to see all the other artist works as well!

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