The Casa Bonita Art Show – It Lives Again!

Are you an art lover and a Casa Bonita fan? Look no further than the Casa Bonita Art Show! Starting Friday, February 17th through Sunday, March 5th at NEXT Gallery at 6501 W Colfax Ave in Lakewood Colorado and will showcase the works of all the talented and innovative local artists that wanted in on the Casa Bonita fun! 

I was drawn to the splendidly kitschy call for art and created the piece “It Lives Again” to commemorate Casa Bonita Restaurant rising from its almost perilous death & now expected revitalization & re-opening in May of 2023! Thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone (Co-creators of South Park) for purchasing it to help it live again!

A fantastic show filled with so much bizarrely spectacular spectacles that you must experience yourself!

More to come about the “It lives again” soon, in the meantime, there’s a fun hidden message in the piece to keep your eye out for (wink), so you’ll absolutely want to check it out in person to see if you can spot it!

For now… come on down to the opening fiesta and snag the Artistic Appetizer of sorts to celebrate Casa Bonita!

Let your Crafty Freak fly!

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