It’s going to be Absolute Rubbish: A Trashion Show on September 19th,2023 @ Meow Wolf Denver

Step into the world of upcycled fashion at Meow Wolf Convergence Center and see 20 Dazzling designer of Denver show their trash fashion…from Lexi Richey Perspective of Penny and the Jets

The Casa Bonita Art Show – It Lives Again!

Colorado Artist, Lexi Richey, creates a piece for The Casa Bonita Art Show 2023 titled “It Lives Again” to commemorate the soon to be revived Casa Bonita Restaurant

Octavepus’s Garden: ArtiStandza

Augustana Arts | ArtiStandza Project | Location TBD This public art initiative is to help create awareness, appreciation and advocacy to the arts in the community! It will be one of six music stands that will be auctioned off in August, and in the meantime will be hanging out around different locations in Denver MetroContinue reading “Octavepus’s Garden: ArtiStandza”